What We Do

Child and youth permanency: connecting families

Everything we do is about strengthening families so they are better positioned to achieve their aspirations for family stability and long-term economic security. We support the families, communities, and caregivers that surround children to set them on a pathway towards success. We connect families to new family members, existing family members, family resources, support systems, and opportunities around Atlanta.

At Families First we provide help and services for families looking to adopt children in Georgia, the U.S. and around the world. Families First is a C.O.A. accredited agency who can help you with everything you need to bring your new child home.


Families First is committed to providing safe and temporary homes for children in Georgia’s foster care system.  Our staff provides foster families with the additional resources they need to be successful including: free training, support services and 24-hour access to our Case Specialists.


Healthy Families & Relationships: Strengthening Families

We strengthen families and individuals by providing training, classes, group therapy, and counseling.

At Families First we believe that parenting makes a big difference in the life of children, especially parenting that is positive, supportive and encouraging.  We offer several classes and trainings that fit any family situation for parents, guardians, and children in Metro-Atlanta.


Families First seeks to empower young parents with the resources necessary to start and build safe and strong family environments for their children. As part of our Healthy Starts program, Maternal Health services allow young parents, mainly young women, to learn the basic knowledge of a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and home care for their new


Since 1942, Families First has been providing counseling services to metro-Atlanta families supporting the agency’s mission to ensure the success of children in jeopardy by empowering families.” The Counseling and Support Services program targets children and youth in families facing chronic economic, social or health challenges so that they will succeed in stable, nurturing homes.


We believe that helping parents know their roles and responsibilities, as it pertains to their child’s education, is of utmost importance.


Sustainability & Empowerment: Sustaining Families

We sustain families by giving them the tools they need to be empowered and become self-sufficient.

Finding a safe, comfortable yet temporary living environment – coupled with the appropriate support services and access to other existing community resources – may be all that a family needs to steady themselves for long-term success. Our services support those with nowhere else to go, from young mothers trying to get ahead, to those


Success Stories

In the city of San Diego, a four year old named Miaja would wake up every morning and get herself ready for preschool. Before she left the house she would wake her three-year old brother, brush his teeth, comb his hair and pack his lunch.

Miaja Teen Mother Doesn′t Let Circumstances Decide Her Future

In the city of San Diego, a four year old named Miaja would wake up every morning and get herself ready for preschool. Before she left the house she would wake her three-year old brother, brush his teeth, comb his hair and pack his lunch.

Kathy Adoption Reunion 38 Years in the Making!

After her oldest son died and she became homeless, Chonita and her younger son beat the odds.

Chonita and Judaris Single Mom Finds Hope

Anthony was passed around from family members and eventually ended up in foster care. He didn’t let that stop him from making a bright future for himself!

Anthony Troubled Boy Becomes Successful Young Man

At the age of 18, Michelle found her and her three-month son homeless. Find out how Families First helped her accomplish her life’s dream!

Michelle Homeless Mother Achieves Life′s Mission

Young Professionals Board Class of 2018

The Young Professionals Board (YPB) is a group of Atlanta’s twenty most talented, innovative, and experienced young professionals who are committed to ensuring Families First’s mission of breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty. The YPB works directly with the staff and Board of Directors through a variety of strategic projects to connect, strengthen, and sustain families across Atlanta.

If you’re interested in joining our next class of Young Professionals, please contact Zach Nikonovich-Kahn at zach@familiesfirst.org.