Teen Mom Support Group

If you are a pregnant teen or a teen mom, you can become a member of our weekly support group.
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Young Parent Resources

Families First seeks to empower young parents with the resources necessary to start and build safe and strong family environments for their children. In addition to the services for young parents listed on this page, Families First encourages young parents to consider taking advantage of other services that we provide including, but not limited to, counseling services, car loans, and parenting classes.


Doulas provide emotional and physical support to pregnant young mothers residing in Fulton and Dekalb counties before, during and after the birth of her baby. Our bi-lingual Doulas educate young mothers on prenatal and infant care, breast-feeding and mother-baby bonding. The goal of the Doula program is to ensure that young mothers continue their education during and after pregnancy, and make informed choices about labor, delivery, nutrition, and parenting. For more information on Doulas visit: and

TeenAge Pregnancy and Parenting (TAPP)

TAPP offers comprehensive case management and counseling services to pregnant teens through home and school visitation, service coordination, and parenting education until the first year of the babies' birth. Through TAPP, pregnant and parenting teens remain and progress in school, and learn essential parenting skills in order to become successful parents and adults.

Weaver Gardens

Weaver Gardens is a transitional living home that provides efficiency apartments and supportive services for mothers aged 17 to 26 who were previously homeless and have one child less than a year old. The program provides young mothers and their babies a safe place to live; training and support in critical areas such as parenting skills, relationship building, child development, health and nutrition, and life skills; an opportunity to return to school or receive job training; and access to community resources. The goal of Weaver Gardens is to enhance the mothers parenting and life skills, and to develop long-term economic independence.

Whatley-Showell Center - A Second Chance Home

A Second Chance Home offers housing and support services for teen mothers between the ages of 13 to 19 with one child between infancy to pre-school age. The program assists young mothers between the ages of 13 to 19 in developing parenting skills, completing their education and becoming self-sufficient. 

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