Ways to Work

Ways to Work is a national program of the Alliance for Children and Families that allows qualified working parents who are unable to receive credit approval elsewhere the opportunity to receive loans between $6,000 and $6,500 to purchase a used car. The first program of its kind in Georgia, Ways to Work is operated locally by Families First, with services offered in Metropolitan Atlanta.

Families First and Wade Ford are proud to partner together through this program and offer families in Atlanta a great car-buying experience. 

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To be eligible for loan consideration, a potential borrower must:

  • Be employed nine (9) months continuously and work 20+ hours a week
  • Be the custodial parent
  • Have a valid Georgia drivers license
  • Have exhausted other loan sources
  • Have a household income less than 80% of the Atlanta median income (Maximum income for a parent with two (2) children is $51,750; maximum income for a parent with three (3) children is $57,450)
  • Reside in Metropolitan Atlanta

Ways to Work provides families with an alternative to predatory lenders who otherwise may lead them into buying unreliable vehicles at exorbitant interest rates, sometimes reaching 30% or more to customers who are already struggling to pay their monthly bills. Borrowers agree to repay the loan at an 8% interest rate within two years. The money is then made available to other applicants. For more information click on the following link: Families First Eligibility 2011

Program Benefits

  • Teach financial literacy skills to loan applicants (Workshop Mandatory)
  • Teach vehicle and preventative maintenance
  • Provide low-interest loans between $6,000 and $6,500 to working parents
  • Can improve each client's credit rating and gross earned income over time
  • Has been shown to decrease time in transit to work
  • Decrease dependence on public assistance
  • Helps Increase attendance at work
  • Enable increased parental involvement in child’s academic success
  • Boost credit score

Nationally, participants average a 40% increase in household income.

For questions about the program, or to apply, call 404-853-2844 or visit the Ways to Work National Website.

Ways to Work is sponsored by Alliance for Children & Families with major support from The United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, Wal-Mart Foundation, Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta.

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Ways to Work
Ways to Work, Inc., a federally-certified Community Development Financial Institution, was established as a sister organization to the Alliance for Children and Families to help interested Alliance member agencies replicate the Ways to Work loan program (formerly known as the “family loan program”).


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