In Spanish, “CHISPA” means “Spark”. 

For the last several years we’ve managed a program called CHISPA, that focuses on the early education for children, ages zero to five years old. Our CHISPA program is specifically for the Spanish-speaking community in Gwinnett county.The goal of CHISPA is to ensure that children are ready for kindergarten and that schools are ready for children. Our bi-lingual parent educators visit young parents in the home, provide parent leadership training, and school transition and literacy activities.

CHISPA also serves as a Learning Laboratory for communities that are planning or beginning to implement the United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Partnerships Advancing Childhood Education (PACE) model.

In 2013, Families First and the Boy Scouts of America began a partnership that brought the tradition of Boy Scouts to the young boys of the CHISPA program. So far, several youth have participated in meetings, retreats and have earned badges for the work they are doing in their community. 

For information on our CHISPA initiative, please call 404-541-3040.